Dental Errors

Dental Errors And What You Can Do About Them

It’s fair to say that nobody enjoys a visit to the dentist.  The whole process, from sitting anxiously in the waiting room, to being laid out on the dental chair with mouth wide open, feeling exposed and vulnerable, to the array of noisy and frightening drills and instruments – all of it can be pretty terrifying.  Even if you are one of those lucky people who feel no qualms at all about visiting the dentist, however, the reality is that dental errors do happen and if they happen to you, they can be intensely traumatic and painful, as our mouths and teeth are incredibly sensitive areas of our bodies.

Common dental errors range from your dentist misdiagnosing your condition and therefore implementing the wrong procedure or medication, failed root canals that leave your face swollen and are agonisingly painful, to crowns and fillings that fall out soon after being inserted.  Or perhaps you discover that you are being treated by an unlicensed dentist, being overcharged or you have been dealt with inappropriately in the waiting room or in the consulting room.

More serious dental errors, however, can have potentially devastating consequences.  What happens if your dentist simply tells you your teeth need a good clean, when in fact you have the beginnings of periodontal disease, or even oral cancer?  What if you undergo a tooth extraction and your dentist fractures your jaw, necessitating extensive further medical treatment to remedy the situation, and even loss of earnings if you are unable to work?  Or, in the worst case scenario, what happens if, whilst undergoing a procedure that requires anaesthetic, it is incorrectly administered, leading to brain damage, or even death, of the patient?

Trying to get to the bottom of the nature of the dental errors in question can be complex and time consuming, so you should ensure you contact a medical negligence attorney, such as Adele van der Walt Inc, for the best advice on how to proceed. 

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