Medical Malpractice Law

Medical Malpractice Law In South Africa

In South Africa, as in other countries, medical malpractice law is a specialised and unique branch of law.  These laws govern the treatment of patients and set out the benchmarks required when it comes to ensuring that the rights of patients are always respected and that proper procedures are adhered to.

Medical malpractice law and the Patient’s Charter

As a result of the past history of South Africa, a large proportion of the general population was denied fundamental human rights, or these rights were violated by those who should have been upholding them, despite these rights being set out in the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (Act No 108 of 1996).  In an attempt to redress past imbalances, the Patient’s Rights Charter, based on the Constitution, was formulated, in an effort to ensure solid rights when it comes to access to quality health care services in South Africa.  Medical malpractice law governs the procedures and legalities that come into force should any patient not be afforded the quality health care that is theirs by right, according to the Patient’s Rights Charter.

Medical malpractice law experts

Due to the intricacies of this branch of law, it is in the best interests of any patient seeking recompense for medical negligence to approach professionals in the field of medical malpractice law.  Adele van der Walt Incorporated is one such firm, and we have developed a solid, reliable reputation in South Africa and beyond for the efficient, focused handling of all cases involving medical malpractice law.

We are committed to providing the most thorough, pertinent solutions possible for each client seeking redress under medical malpractice law, and we do so with a caring and thoughtful attitude to ensure no further trauma to what are usually already traumatised clients.  If you have a case that needs to be instituted against a medical professional or institution according to medical malpractice law, contact us today for more information.

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